DeCision to watch Fan Films

15 May , 2015  

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Keep Calm and Watch Fan FilmsWe previously brought you a Fan Film Friday centered around Avengers characters. This week we have a Fan Film Friday focusing on DC Comics characters. First up is a fan animation for Justice League. The second and third items are episodes from the fan made Grayson: Earth One show. Episode one is a Nightwing Fan film and episode 2 is a Red Hood Fan Film. Fourth item is the 1st episode from Harley Quinn the fan made show. Fifth, sixth and seventh DC items are fan films focusing on Superman. Losing Lois Lane is fifth. Sixth is The Legacy. Seventh is One on One. Eighth and ninth items focus on Wonder Woman. Eighth is Wonder Woman by Rainfall. Ninth is Wonder Woman by Jesse V. Johnson. Finally the tenth item is a fan film titled Lobo.

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